Mobile Data Cap: Video Bitrate Calculator


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Total megabits: Mb

Allowed megabits per day: Mb

Allowed bitrate: Mbps

This tool calculates the maximum bitrate you can watch videos in when given a mobile data cap.

For reference, Android Authority tested the data usage of YouTube and found the following results:

Video QualityFramerate (FPS)Bitrate (average)
144p3080~100 Kbps
240p30300~700 Kbps
360p30400~1,000 Kbps
480p30500~2,000 Kbps
720p30/601.5~6.0 Mbps
1080p30/603.0~9.0 Mbps
1440p30/606.0~18.0 Mbps
2160p30/6013.0~51.0 Mbps
4320p3020~50 Mbps

Here are some examples:

ScenarioMobile data capResultValues to use
Watch 1 hour of YouTube every day50 GB720p or lower50, 60
Watch a 2-hour movie every week30 GB8 Mbps or lower30, 17
Watch a 2-hour movie every day100 GB4 Mbps or lower100, 120