Is This Retina?

Or manually define the values:


Yes! This display is a Retina display.

This display is unfortunately not a Retina display.

Becomes Retina at or over inches / cm

Display density PPI

This tool calculates how much distance you need to put between yourself and your device for it to look “Retina” (i.e. you can no longer tell the difference in quality), given the screen resolution and diagonal screen size.

As a reference, Steve Jobs said in the iPhone 4 keynote that for a display to be considered “Retina” it would need to have 300 PPI at a distance of 10 to 12 inches.

The Retina result is shown based on the distance between the screen and the user. If it is less than 12 inches (a typical phone-viewing distance), it is considered Retina. If it exceeds 12 inches, it is still considered Retina if the device’s diagonal screen size value is bigger than the distance. If not, it is not a Retina display.

Thanks to the original tool (link is now dead) for the inspiration (and the calculation code which I shamelessly lifted with DevTools). This tool has updated definitions for newer devices and re-calculates immediately when the values change.

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